About the Artist

I have maintained  a creative,and curious spirit as far back as i can remember.Miss Aedy my kindergarten teacher sent me home at lunch with a note explaining my behaviour of pulling at her pleated (kilt like)dress as inappropriate,i was curious as i had  never touched such a garment.I'm sure pulling up and looking at how the innards worked was stepping over the line.I was thrilled however,any time the finger paints were brought out,and encouraged to let my freak flag fly.

My parents let us all  steer our own ships and let us pick and choose activities.Six kids in a small three bedroom bungalow was a tight fit, but we always made the best of it.Fist fights were delegated to the back yard,my twin bother Ronnie and i often duking it out in ten minute marathon brawls,often entertaining 6 or 8 neighbourhood kids,and my Dad, who would take his dinner on the top of the rear stairs. We didn't have much dough,but we had a lot of ray, me,faa,laa tee's,and doe's.   

My father brought home a huge roll of craft paper that had fallen off a boxcar,wink,nod,which allowed an endless supply of working material.I loved to draw the usual boy stuff,war battles,airplane dog fights,and especially to practice sketchingthe characters of the rat fink car model kits that were available in the Sixties.Ed "BIG DADDY" Roth was the creator, he was a BIKER and his Rat FINK characters were his anti hero answer, to  MICKEY MOUSE .I have to admit,I'm just learning this anti hero stuff now as i  Google (Rat Fink),well i guess this explains my choices in friends over the years.

My other big influence was my Highschool  Art teacher,Mr Malcolm Swing.                        

                            Portrait of a  " TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS FAN"        oil on canvas       prints available